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Penrith City Council engaged Rogers Construction Group for the refurbishment of St Mary’s Arts and Craft Studio. This project involved a variety of structural and cosmetic upgrades to the building to ensure that it could continue to serve as a hub for artistic activities in the local community.


The first phase of the project focused on structural remediation, including crack stitching repairs, and the replacement of internal concrete slabs and footings. In addition, all external windows were replaced to match the existing style of the building, providing a cohesive and attractive appearance.


The second phase of the project involved a complete bathroom upgrade, including the installation of new toilet partitions. The third phase of the project focused on the interior of the building, where existing ceilings were re-framed and sheeted, and all floor coverings were upgraded with Vinyl. New joinery was installed to accommodate the art and craft activities that would take place in the building, providing a more functional and inviting space for users. The final phase of the project involved modifications and updates to the building’s exterior. New vitra-panel was installed to provide a durable and weather-resistant finish, while stormwater services were modified and updated to improve drainage.


Finally, new concrete path finishes were installed to improve accessibility and safety around the building. By upgrading both the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the building, the council ensures that it remains a valuable asset for the local artistic community. Overall, the project demonstrates the council's commitment to supporting artistic endeavors and enhancing the cultural vibrancy of the local area.


Client: Penrith City Council

Location: St Mary’s, NSW 

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