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Lance Road
Kindergarten Upgrades 

Rogers Construction Group were engaged as the principal contractors to the Millers Point Kindergarten facility for comprehensive upgrades in collaboration with Bokor architecture + interiors.


The site, steeped in historical significance and listed on the State Heritage Register, posed unique challenges necessitating a meticulous approach to preservation and modernisation. Dating back to its construction between 1912 and 1924, the site's historical significance demanded careful consideration during the renovation process. Despite substantial redevelopment in 1995, which removed many early 20th-century structures, key heritage elements such as the brick storage building, sandstone boundary walls, and mature plane trees remained. However, issues such as falling branches, leaf litter accumulation, and topographical challenges had led to consistent damage and waterproofing issues over time.


The scope included recladding the roof with high gauge impact-resistant corrugated sheets, replacing rainwater fixtures with impact-resistant alternatives, and implementing measures to prevent leaf litter buildup and downpipe blockages. Additionally, at the rear of the site, Rogers oversaw the removal and replacement of the existing concrete footpath with a new waterproof membrane system to mitigate moisture buildup around existing footings.


This project was completed within a tight timeframe, ensuring minimal disruption to KU Children's Services operations and underscored our commitment to delivering projects of historical significance with precision and excellence.

Location: Millers Point

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