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Baptist Care  Dorothy Henderson Lodge

Rogers Construction Group has been engaged by Baptist Care for the comprehensive refurbishment of 15 rooms at Dorothy Henderson Lodge. Having previously collaborated on various minor projects including kitchen updates, painting, installations, and roof repairs, this major project is aimed at rejuvenating residential spaces within their facility.

The renovation encompasses multiple construction facets, including concrete and masonry works, metalwork installation, and carpentry for new fixtures. New elements such as medicine cabinets, open shelves, and grab rails will be installed.


By investing in this renovation, BaptistCare aims to provide its residents with upgraded living spaces that prioritise safety, comfort, and convenience. The modernisation of residential areas will contribute to an improved quality of life for residents, fostering a sense of well-being and satisfaction. Additionally, compliance with industry standards ensures that BaptistCare maintains its commitment to delivering high-quality care services in a safe and regulated environment.

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