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Mulgoa Fire Station

Rogers Construction Group was enlisted by Mulgoa Rural Fire Brigade for the ambitious redevelopment of their fire station. The project centred on revitalising the facility following structural damage incurred during a severe storm event in 2016. With a focus on safety, functionality, and modernisation, our dedicated team diligently reconfigured and upgraded the station, setting new standards for emergency response infrastructure.

Through meticulous planning and execution, Mulgoa Fire Station emerged as a beacon of resilience and innovation within Penrith LGA. The transformed space not only enhances safety protocols but also fosters a sense of pride and efficiency among the brigade members. By seamlessly blending contemporary design with state-of-the-art safety features, we have ensured that Mulgoa Rural Fire Brigade can continue to serve the community with unwavering dedication and effectiveness.

Location: Mulgoa

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