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Endeavour Energy Penrith Field Service Centre Renovation

Rogers Construction Group was engaged as the Principal Contractor for the renovation of Endeavour Energy Penrith's Field Service Centre. The project involved the construction of a new change room, modernising the main lunchroom with a contemporary kitchen, and rejuvenating the amenities corridor. Additionally, our team undertook the refurbishment of the main office area, prioritising safety compliance throughout the entire process.


In line with our dedication to versatility, we introduced a multifunctional site shed, designed to enhance functionality and convenience. This adaptable space seamlessly transitions between serving as a lunchroom and a temporary office, providing flexibility for the site's operations. By delivering these comprehensive renovations, we have significantly improved the working environment for the staff at Endeavour Energy Penrith's Field Service Centre, fostering greater efficiency and comfort in their daily operations.

Location: Penrith

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