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Stante Reserve New Amenities Building 

Liverpool City Council engaged Rogers Construction Group for the construction of a new amenities building at Stante Reserve. This project was part of a major development aimed at creating an interactive space featuring water play areas, dry play areas, sports and fitness zones, and picnic facilities for the local community.


The new amenities building was a key component of this development project, providing essential services to park users. The building features a sophisticated look with detailed brickwork, stainless steel fixtures, fibreglass roofing, and perforated ceiling linings. One of the key challenges of the project was maintaining constant communication with the council and other contractors working within the park in order to meet all Work Health Safety Environment and Quality (WHSEQ) requirements.


However, Rogers Construction Group successfully managed this, ensuring that all works were completed to the highest standard while maintaining a safe working environment for all involved. By providing essential services in a sophisticated and modern facility, the council enhances the overall experience for park users and supports the enjoyment of recreational activities in the reserve. 


Client: Liverpool City Council

Location: Middleton Grange, NSW 

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